Wallows - OK

Wallows released their latest music video for their newest single "OK," with a '90s-inspired visual, the indie rock trio hits the road in a beat-up old van, stopping for fast food and goofing off in a parking lot on their way to an undisclosed house party.

Wallows - Ok | Atlantic Records | Directed by Dillon Dowdell | Hair and Makeup by Leticia Llesmin, assisted by Caitlin Wronsk

Director: Dillon Dowdell
Production Company: Dreambear
EP: Evan Brown
Producer: Danny Pollack
UPM: Collin Druz
DP: Cory Burmester
Editor: Cal Laird
VFX: Bradley Crawford
Color: Company 3
PD: Taylor Almodovar
Art Director: Justin Gardner
1st AC: Philip Hoang
2nd AC: Zedd Dally
Gaffer: Sebastian Nuta Key
Grip: Michael Rosner-Hyman
BBE: Nassar Akkari
BBG: Taylor Reick
Swing: Chris Ginnaven
Board Op: Peter Garland
Stylist: Karla Miranda | Stylist Asst: Jordan Funkey
HMU: Leticia Rossiter | HMU Asst: Caitlin Wronski
1st AD: George Harkness III | 2nd AD: Joy Hubbard
PC: David Flynn
Key PA: Cody Cook
PAs: Matthew Tomlinson, Landon Knox, David Jordan Pinney-Johnson, Jacob Giessman, Steven Dowdell
Audio Mixer: Jonathan Scott
Sound Designer: Dalton Harts
Lead Man: Jermaine Brown
Carpenter: Xavier Mozejerski
Art PAs: Leila Garrison, Michael Pacheco
Agency: Reveur / Emily Sanders
Commissioner: Phil Botti
Label: Atlantic Records