What is a Root Color Melt for Hair? Everything You've Been Wondering.

⁠We ask, what is a rooty color melt for hair? Color melting is when the colors in your hair blend together - creating a melting effect so seamlessly that you can’t tell where one hair color begins and ends. This technique is perfect for blending the base color of the hair to create a gradient effect and blur harsh lines of demarcation, creating a dimension of depth for “lived-in hair” which is great for a no-maintenance look.

When formulating a color melt, you must use multiple shades for a smooth transition to harmonize the existing color, so it looks like it could’ve happened naturally.

Good For:  Phasing out hair colors, Balayage, Highlights, Bleach and Tone or Pastel hair colors.

MUSE  // Alice Baxley
HAIRCUT  /Soft bangs and blunt bob with invisible textured layers.  
HAIRCOLOR  // Swirl into this rooty colormelt 🌪️. Perfect for a bleach and tone who wants to harmonize their existing natural roots into a cool transitional low maintenance look.

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