The Marías - Calling U Back


The Marías / Calling U Back
Label: Atlantic Records
Directed : Bethany Vargas and Maria Zardoya /
Video written : Maria Zardoya, Bethany Vargas, Josh Conway /
Producer: Alexis Galmin /
Production Coordinator: Parker Vaughn /
Cinematographer: Scott Siracusano /
1st AC: Adam Marquez /
2nd AC: Jack Deichert /
Key Grip: Brendan Riel /
Best Grip: Kyle Sorvig /
Grip: Cale Nichols /
Grip Driver: Hank Bolton /
Gaffer: Sebastian Johnson /
Best Electric: Haneul Sky Kim /
Remote Head: Op Jake Poole /
1st AD: Alexis Galmin /
Production Designer: Natalie Falt /
Art Assistant: Payton Newcomer /
Art Assistant: Robert Kompare /
Production Manager: Cristina Pillajo /
HMU: Leticia Llesmin /
Key PA: Edward Friedlander /
PA: Cristina Pillajo /
PA: Damien Pettway /
PA: Marvin Figueroa /
BTS Photographer: Natalie Hewitt /
Styled by Maria Zardoya and Bethany Vargas /
Special thanks to Courtney Trop and Lennon Kloser /
Post Producer: Alexis Galmin /
Editors: Josh Conway, Bethany Vargas, Maria Zardoya /
Color: Strack Azar /
VFX: The Frender /
Film Processing: Spectra Film and Video / 

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