Guinevere Turner Looks Her Suitcase in the Eye


My favorite thing about doing hair is not always the cut, color or style, it’s the people I meet and the experiences we share. Meet Guinevere; When she isn’t busy writing or acting, she’s jet setting across the globe doing research, taking meetings, attending and judging film festivals. Every month she visits me and cracks me up, so I’ve decided to ask her a couple of questions on beauty and travel.

LL: When traveling do you bring a brush or a comb?

GT: My goal when traveling is always to travel light as possible, to be like a travel ninja. I’m always making hard choices. I think a small brush is a wise thing to bring, but only bring one hair appliance.

Number one for me is always a curling iron. You can air dry your hair, but you can’t air curl it.

LL: Do you do more hair pony’s or do you prefer to air dry and go?

GT: I can’t air dry and go. It’s about waking up early, so I can air dry. I’m very good at air drying. It’s not very pretty, there’s a lot of hair tossing, combing through, standing in front of a sunlight or fan, making sure it drys in a good shape. It’s an art. I suggest practicing it at home.

LL: What five products do you like to travel with?

GT: I like a multi-purpose oil. Palmers makes a skin oil. It’s cheap. You can use it on your face, body, and your hair, if you had to. I’m always looking for a multi-purpose product. Another thing that is important to bring, that may seem like a luxury, is your own soap.

Most places, even nice hotels, Airbnb’s will have soaps that kill my skin, and your own soap can also make you feel like you’re at home. For me, any shampoo will do; but bring your own conditioner, especially if you have dry hair.

 LL: I agree!

GT: For me, almost anywhere I go, hairspray is superfluous. It’s always going to be a different climate. You’re just going to have to accept that the hair you are used to isn’t going to be, and go with hats and ponytails. Plus, if you’re traveling, you don’t want to spend so much time on your hair.

LL: When traveling, what is the one thing you tend to over pack? Socks, undies, extra T’s and is there a reason for it?

GT: I try to be so good. Every time I come home from a trip, I look myself and my suitcase in the eye,and I’m like, what didn’t make the cut? What did I not wear, that I always think I’m going to wear? It’s always fancy shoes!

An extra pair of shoes is my weakness, some sparkly shoes, I’ve only worn once. I’m like, why? In case, If someone asks me to look like a princess, I better be ready.

LL: I always bring a dress that never fits, and I think by taking it, it’ll fit and it’s going to look great!

GT: To me, packing is about being honest on what you really wear. I use to be like, this is really cute. No, you don’t wear this, actually just give it away and stop torturing yourself with it.

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