Frenchie Bob + Sparking Blonde Bleach and Tone

Meet Jade, she’s quite stunning, she does hair, sells threads and plays bass in a band called “Drinking Flowers,” check out their new album, Shadow Show on Lollipop Records.

The Cut: When I met Jade she had a round disconnected haircut with wispy ends, which looked like a shaggy bob. I decided I would cut off about 2 1/2 inches off the back, to create a fuller square bob. I texturized and blended her previous layers, so it would fall perfectly. In the front, I gave her what I call a “baby trim,” a baby trim is where you cut just enough to get the split ends off and let the hair play catch up with the rest of the hair because it has been over cut. The Color: Traditional bleach and tone, there was about 2 inches of regrowth.

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